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Let's discover the natural and man-made landmarks of Australia!

I have included some links to useful websites where you can gather information on famous Australian landmarks. Use this information to create a short 1 to 2 paragraph summary of your landmark for us to add to our map of Australia.

In your information summary you must include:

▪  What is the name of your landmark?

▪  Is your landmark natural or man-made?

▪  How old is your landmark? When was it formed, discovered or built?

▪  Why is your landmark important for the environment and its people, including Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people?

▪  Where is your landmark?

Make sure to check your spelling, grammar and remember to put the information you into your own words.

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The Blue Mountains

Balls Pyramid

Bungle Bungles

Devils Marbles

Flinders ranges including Wilpena Pound

Fraser Island

Glass House Mountains

Great Australian Bight

Great Barrier Reef

Great Dividing Range

Kakadu National Park

Katherine Gorge

Lake Eyre

Murray River

Nullarbor Plains

Parliament House


Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Opera House

Snowy Mountains

The Twelve Apostles Rock


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